Do this gorgeous couple and barn look familiar? It should because this is the amazing location that we did their maternity photos! Jess had the great idea that she wanted to go back there when their daughter, Svea, was born- and how ADORABLE did these photos turn out? Congrats Jess and Chad on sweet baby, Svea!!!

I got the AWESOME opportunity to work with the Willmar Fests Royalty of 2011 after they were all crowned. Well, after taking the "nice" and "formal" shots last year I wanted to do something fun with these girls- and why not, they had worked so hard and deserved it! So, I spent a Saturday morning with them driving down gravel roads with my cute new red chair in the back of Shelly's car from location to location- pretty hilarious if you were a by-stander! Take a peek- I thought that they turned out pretty AWESOME!!! Congrats again, ladies!

Seriously, I think that the children that come to my studio keep getting cuter and cuter! Here are some sweet little images of two siblings that I couldn't resist on sharing. LOVE, LOVE, love the sepia one of Kennedy- how ADORABLE!!!!

I have known Peter for quite sometime and when his fiance, Eryn (who is cuter than ever) contacted me about doing their wedding photos I was thrilled! Look at how adorable these two are together- CANNOT WAIT until their July wedding! Eryn owns an incredible little boutique called, Vintage Glam, in Hutchinson and always has the cutest and most creative ideas so I cannot wait to see what they have planned for their day!

Here are just a few images of another little sweetie that I had in the studio recently. I am in LOVE with her close up!

This is my first engagement session that I am posting on my blog! YAY! So, here are some images of Alicia and Trevor who actually get married June! These two were probably one of my most laid back couples and SO fun to photograph, I think that we laughed the majority of the time. I cannot wait until their wedding! ENJOY and HAPPY TUESDAY!

When Jess called and asked me to do her wedding photography, it was one of my first photography moments of feeling AND getting older. :( Don't get me wrong, I was honored to be asked and super excited for them but, the groom, Neil, was a really good friend of my YOUNGEST brother and I had photographed Jess for her senior photos years ago so they still seemed like those high schoolers that I remembered them as- holy moly does time fly by! So, I quickly got over feeling sorry for myself and my moment of "oldness" faded and captured some beautiful photographs for them. CONGRATULATIONS you two!

I just came across this family image and remembered how much I LOVED it, so I had to share! I have been friends with this adorable mom, Abby, since we were in kindergarten together and grew up on the same block. I have had the AWESOME opportunity to capture memories of both her boys since they were born and when photographing them for their family session last fall- I got this shot and I just melted when editing through. This is what my job is ALL ABOUT- not necessarily getting them all to look at the camera at one time, but capturing them, JUST BEING THEM! Just thought that I would share one of my all time favorites with you- ENJOY!

OH.MY.GOSH- I was seriously like a kid in candy store- could barely SIT at my computer- while editing this session....LOVE them and this amazing location! Maternity, or what I like to call "expecting", sessions are probably one of the newest crazes and when you look like Jess here, why wouldn't you want your photos taken 8 months pregnant? :) I photographed this couple's wedding 4 years ago and now they are expecting their first baby. Check out how GORGEOUS she is....well, and you look pretty good too Chad!

This "cake smash" one year session is probably one of my all time favorite sessions to do! It is hilarious watching these little ones be able to just dig in cake and get frosting everywhere, all while looking at their parents like "are you sure I can do this?" look on their faces. Here are just some of Pierce's photos from his one year session- Happy Monday!